Wave Machine

The Wave Machine is a gated waveform generator that produces monophonic waveforms at the same pitch as your guitar/bass/voice input. The aim is to give the guitarist some access to modern synthesizer tones, a bit like a VCO module for guitar.

The original Wave Machine produced three analog waveforms to make each wave shape without completely losing the guitars character. This is done using some old transistor techniques and sound similar to fuzz, which makes it less painful for chords and complex and expressive inputs like harmonicas.

The latest Wave Machine is still, in part, analogue - but now you can mix that with two extremely versatile digital oscillators. These provide a choice of 16 complex waveforms (hand drawn and programmed here on computer) over 4 transposable octaves. The digital signals have controls for portamento, octave up/down, detuning and bit rate lowering which allows for a wide range of sounds.

200 GBP
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