The Judder pedal is a footswitch based tool that drops in bursts of echo, volume, time and modulation effects using an intuitive switching system. There are two versions, this is the large version and is also available in a wood case.

The unit works as a mid-fi momentary sampler, silently recording in the background until the momentary footswitch is held down. At this point, a short continuous loop of what was just recorded is played until the switch is released. The clean original signal then immediately returns, allowing for constantly renewable looping on the fly. 

For this basic effect and no more please see the Mini Judder pedal

This larger version has these extra controls for automated switching via LFO or Envelope Triggering, pitch modulation, Low Pass Filter and Hold Length:

HOLD (Feedback, number of repeats)
LPF (Tone of echo)
MIX (Dry / 100% Wet ratio)
AUTO (LFO Speed/Envelope sensitivity) 
1/4 BPM (length of repeat with BPM guide)

Toggle Switches:
LAYER/JUDDER/STUTTER (Sound on Sound or Killswitch modes)
MOD. (LFO/Envelope modulation of sample length/pitch)
RANGE (Short/Long sample modes)
LFO/ENV (LFO or Envelope controls)
AUTO (Turns on LFO/ENV control of footswitch)

One footswitch is momentary, the other is latching and inverts the momentary direction to hold the effect on. These footswitches can then be automated/triggered using the LFO or Envelope controls.

The 1/4" jack input is intended for guitar use but will work with microphones, keyboards, drums, mp3 players etc. The repeat effect is transparent in nature, so what you get out of it is entirely dependant on what you put in.

Echo Chip:
The fast clickless switching and layering/muting modes allow both choppy and broken/glitch repeats or classic warm ambient echoes. At it's core is a faux analogue delay chip prevalent in boutique delay pedals, designed to produce 500ms duration. However, in this pedal there is a special Long mode, allowing the chip to be pushed much further, until you are left with the individual clicks of the echo memory.

Short Mode sample length: 27ms - 300ms
Long Mode: 27ms to 10 Seconds (becoming heavily bitcrushed/noisy)
Input Impedance: 500kΩ
Output Impedance: 100Ω
Power: 2.1mm / 9v DC / Centre Negative (standard) / 65mA
Dimensions: 94 x 120 x 34mm

Expression Pedal Input - to control sample length (20k Nominal, remote control can be bought separately)

Instruction Manual:

Example Settings:

250 GBP