Judder - Wooden Version

Judder - Wooden Version

The Judder is an analogue sampler/repeater effect for creating impromptu sound loops and echoes. This version is identical to the big metal Judder.

Whilst it was originally intended just as a momentary 'tapped' effect, it can now be controlled by an automatic switching system, meaning the repeat can be triggered/ducked by the sound of your guitar or repeatedly sampled by a pulsing LFO. This system can then also be assigned to modulate the sample length, providing envelope/LFO controlled pitch variation. These features make it possible to achieve noise gating, tremolo, momentary boosts/mutes, sample/hold and reverse reverb type effects. 

The repeat regeneration can also be adjusted and accurately set. Providing single 'one shot' echoes at one end, constant holds in the 12 o'clock position, and variable amounts of self oscillation when turned up. This is particularly useful with the layering mode switched on, allowing for doubling/chorus effects or reverse type swells of echo feedback.

A final addition was the dual footswitch design. One being a soft touch momentary and the other a latching type for holding the effect on and inverting the momentary action. This method is particularly useful when using the expression pedal input (standard, nominal 25k) to alter the sample length.

Envelope / LFO - Determines type of auto switching and pitch modulation.
Modulation / Static - turns on/off pitch modulation.
Auto 1 / Auto 2 / Off - Duck/Trigger, LFO 50% duty/LFO 15% duty, depending on Env. / LFO selection.
Judder / Layer / Mute - Loop and mute, sound on sound, muting.
Range - Short (27ms - 300ms), Medium (600ms), Long mode (>10 secs). 

Hold - controls regeneration amount and hold length
LPF - Tone control for repeat sound.
Mix - Ratio of Dry to Wet signal
Env./LFO - Dual setting for Sensitivity/LFO rate.

Please note that the effect uses analogue echo chip technology, which means that the sample will change in pitch if the length is altered and the repeating sound gradually picks up the kind of artefacts you'd expect from a tape echo. At longer sample lengths over 500ms, the echo is lo-fi and noisy and only meant to be used for a bit crushing effect. Unlike other echoes, this one can be slowed down to a point where you can hear the individual clicks and beeps that constitute the sound memory. 

9v Negative Centre Power (not supplied)
Input Impedance: 500kΩ
Output Impedance: 100Ω

450 GBP
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