Hard Sync

A tunable hard sync effect with two assignable oscillators, controllable as an envelope generator/auto-wah.

The hard sync effect is achieved when a high pitched slave oscillator is switched on and off by a lower pitched oscillator, in this case it is a reading of the guitar pitch. The result is quite robotic sounding, you hear the correct note, but it's content is made entirely of the tunable higher pitched oscillator, which is then envelope controlled in various ways.

The Auto Sync has two slave oscillators, one of which is multi-functional, to work as slave to the first oscillator for a double hard sync, or to be switched for use as a drone oscillator or tremolo. The unit provides two hard sync outputs and a dry signal/fuzz, with each voice volume controllable. To increase versatility, the 2 sync voices are of opposing phase for interesting cancellation effects.
200 GBP
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