MWFX is a brand of guitar pedals established in 2008. It specialises in creating new and niche guitar effects that mix classic technology with new ideas. All pedals are independently designed and hand made here from start to finish by Matt Warren in Somerset, England. 

The designs are heavily influenced by 70's/80's synthesiser, rackmount and DIY guitar electronics, favouring switches and analogue controls over presets - aiming to avoid single 'one off' effects, but several hidden combinations inside one box. Anything up to 200 components are painstakingly placed in each pedal, please bear this in mind when ordering!

Contact anytime for more info, ETA's or just to say hello on the chat button at the top of the page. Following the pages on Facebook and Twitter gives (not too much) news and updates, with the mailing list button in the top corner keeping you updated on bigger developments via email.